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Via Hov woke up early this morning and returned to the Howard Stern Show to promote his new book, Decoded. Speaking of which, the NY Daily News has an excerpt from the project in today’s edition. Here’s what went down.

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Via Two days after the release of Jay Z’s Decoded (Nov. 16) Hov and talk show host, Charlie Rose will discuss the book at the Brooklyn Museum. For those in the area, tickets are available here. This isn’t the first time the tandem have met. In the clip above, Jay appeared on Rose’s PBS program and discussed his album, American Gangster.

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Via Hov is too legit to throw MC Hammer under the bus. Yesterday, he spoke with DJ Semtex on Hammer’s diss record. Coincidentally, yours truly echoed Hov’s sentiment yesterday on Twitter after reading the same passage in Decoded. Full interview airs this Friday at 10PM.

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Via “The second verse of ‘PSA’ may not have that many hidden jewels in [it], but the story behind why I wrote the second verse is pretty interesting. It’s sort of that look on rap, how this writer had written this article about me wearing this Che Guevara shirt [with a] Jesus piece, and she was like, ‘The Jesus piece is hitting his head,’ and I was like, ‘You’re going a little too far. It’s a T-shirt and a chain. It’s not literally hitting his forehead’. That [experience] inspired the entire verse. ‘I’m like Che Guevara with bling on, I’m complex.’ It’s the whole entire story of how and why I came to write that second verse on ‘PSA.’ “

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Via Mirror: Lucky they didn’t because they now enjoy one of the tightest bonds in showbiz… and Chris may just have inspired the richest man in rap to have kids with Beyonce.

In an extraordinary interview Jay Z, 40, raps lyrical about best pal Chris, who he considers family.

They certainly make an odd couple – after all, their upbringings were wildly different.

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Check out videos of Jay Z performing with Eminem, by himself and being interviewed on the David Letterman show last night.

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Via Jay Z addresses whether LeBron James would make the move to the New Jersey Nets, plus Eminem dishes out the Top 10 Pieces of Advice for the Kids on Friday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” The rappers will also perform on tomorrow’s show.

Due to demand, Jay and Em have announced two more dates for their joint concerts in September. They will play Detroit’s Comerica Park on September 2 and 3 and New York’s Yankee Stadium on September 13 and 14.

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Via Though the viewing audience will have to wait until this Friday to check out the final version of the performance, the buzz around Jay Z and Eminem’s tag-team performance for “The Late Show With David Letterman” on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York on Monday is already at a fever pitch.

Following the taping of the three-song set — performed before an exclusive crowd of about 100 people responding to blasts on Twitter and Facebook — Jay Z spoke to a local news station about the scenario.

“It was amazing,” Jigga told MyFoxNY as he greeted fans who heard about the performance and lined up to catch a glimpse of him outside of the theater.

Though the crowd was relatively low-key, there was one high-profile guest: Diddy, who showed up to lend his support to the pair.

“I’m just here as a fan,” he said. “[The performance] was great. It was incredible. A lot of fun. You know, Hov, Eminem, New York, rooftop, summer time — it don’t get no better, baby.”

According to reports, Jay and Eminem played a total of three songs. They opened with Eminem’s latest single “Not Afraid” before moving into Jay’s “On to the Next One” (from his smash 2009 album The Blueprint 3). As a grand finale, the two teamed up on “Renegade,” the classic banger from Jigga’s 2001 album The Blueprint that represented the pair’s first collaboration.

The two MCs will be taking over this Friday’s episode of “The Late Show With David Letterman” in order to promote their upcoming concerts in each of their respective hometowns. Jay Z and Eminem will play Detroit’s Comerica Park on September 2 and at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on September 13. In addition to the musical performances, the two will also get involved in some comedy: Eminem will reportedly deliver Friday night’s Top 10 list, which will be “Top 10 Eminem Pieces of Advice for the Kids.”

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Yes! I hope he does come out with a new album this year.

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